Nestor’s work is inspired by the iconography and patterns of different ancient cultures. These ideas emerge in his work as a visual and conceptual vocabulary that emerged through his focus on the intersection point between visual effect and the meaning behind a subject.


Since 2018 Nestor has been working on a series of iconographic paintings taking inspiration from the 90+ figures found in "The Paracas Textile", a necropolis tapestry from 100-300 CE in Nazca, Peru. See here for images and exhibit info. 


Nestor’s paintings have been seen in numerous exhibitions and collections in New York City, the Hudson Valley and Peru.  His murals can be appreciated in public spaces throughout Poughkeepsie and other localities such as Washington DC, Sussex Canada, the Florida Keys, Lima Peru and Cajabamba Peru.


Born in 1959 in Lima Peru, he was educated at the Catholic University of Lima-Peru, and SUNY New Paltz NY. He currently lives and works in Poughkeesie, NY.